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Art has always been a matter of "beauty is in the eye of the ..." But let's face it, car antennas are not indigenous to giraffes, and you really don't want to see what is over Dracula Dave's right, your left, shoulder. In fact, you don't see the mess behind Dave, because the photo has been enhanced (or fudged as the case may be). Actually, the photo originated from video using Play Inc's Snappy. It has been, hmm, touched up a bit in Adobe Photoshop to remove some background. On its way here to the web, the image had to  overcome file format considerations. FrontPage easily handled the importing of the .tga format and converted it into an interlaced .gif (pronounced "jif") file. File size and color depth were other considerations involved. The web journey was time consuming, but not difficult, and one has to use many graphic tools.

We train and support both IBM/PC and Macintosh:

bulletMicrosoft PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance, Aldus Persuasion, Harvard Graphics, ASAP
bulletCorelDraw! and Adobe Illustrator - For the graphic artist
bulletAdobe Photoshop - The premier graphic enhancement program
bulletPageMaker, Quark Xpress, Corel-Ventura, FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher
bulletStudent Voice, a student quarterly newsletter of the Monmouth Conservatory of Music, for which we assisted in the publication, was created in PageMaker, using MS Word and PrintArtist.
bulletFinale Music Publishing
bullet Keyboard Beginnings® was created with the technical assistance of the Center using Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMaker, and Finale 3.5, 98, and 2000/2001.
bulletKeyboard Beginnings® is group keyboard course designed to give children an introduction to playing the  keyboard and playing in ensembles.
bulletMicrosoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive, LiveMotion, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash
bulletWe updated this site recently: www.athlecticprogramsinc.com.
bulletInitially created this site: www.keyboardbeginnings.com.