Our Goal - Helping People, Not Machines
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Do you know? Do you need to know? Does your boss know?

Do payroll?
Broadcast Faxes?
How to set up accounting books?
Install new programs?
Configure Windows?
Set up Bar Code?
Design Web pages?
Create Word and Excel macros?
QuickBooks to Excel Job Cost Program?
Realtime stock quotes in Excel?
Mail merge form letters, labels, envelopes, name badges?
Clean up a virus?
Find "lost" files?
Scan a logo?


Recent projects... recent challenges... recent business solutions...

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Are you the boss?    

Analyze a budget!
Make a forecast!
Search the Internet!
Control Inventory!
Organize a conference!
Track membership!
Manage property!
Publish a newsletter!


Save time & money!     Save frustrations!      
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[New!] Freehold Computer Training Center Establishes Internet Presence
See the press release for more details.